learned today that Uncle Jack Sloane died in early August.

Slept fairly late. David + Debbie popped in to say goodbye. It was an absolutely glorious day – clear + warm + sparkling. After lunch we + Daddy went over to Newport to lay in supplies. Dick + I bought 1/2 gallon each of Whiskey for Co + Russell + Jim + Hilary. And 2 quarts for Daddy. We’d gone over to Hil + Jim’s in the am – everyone playing tennis – Susan not overjoyed to see us this trip although Dick had bought her 2 blow ups – a huge whale + a little pt boat.) We went over to Alaria in the afternoon bearing booze. Made plans for tomorrow. The party will be at Alaria Dick + I went to the college sportshop + picked out a very nice sweater for Scott’s birthday. Gen invited us to [crossed out words] have a drink with her Friday afternoon. Said Daddy had mentioned coming out to see us again in January! Whee! Jim + Hilary + “Little” over for cocktails. Daddy (as he remarked later) got very “expansive” + said he’d take me + Hil + Fanny Cox + Colby over to Woodstock to buy us all a dress at Morgan Ballou’s!!! Ethel fixed a really gorgeous dinner. Steak + delicious vegetables. We sat up after + drank some more + talked. Jim Moore leaving – talked over Daddy’s proposed arrangements etc. Daddy didn’t go up til eleven + we were somewhat later. We gave Daddy Ana + Armando’s present of a bottle of gin + Gen Miller’s + Mary Barrett’s belt, (it was too small)