Called Daddy after trying Mather again + he + Winnie are in P.A. too bad. Called Scott to say farewell. Paid Hayes registry, washed hair + finished packing. We left about $120 petty cash with Ana + Armando + paid Ana 2 weeks salary. Joyce took us to the airport. Smooth flight – Got our car in Boston + drove to New London. Got there about 9:30. Daddy in bed but left note saying David + Debbie were still at Alaria + to call. We did + after saying hello to Ethel we went over to Alaria + played poker with Co + Russell, D + D + Anth (whom I thought was Jessie because of his hair!) Funny, gay evening – though pretty drunk. Home about 2 [crossed out letters] am. We’re sleeping in the room over Mother’s study. Dick liked Alaria – The first time he’d really seen it. Russell has put in some paneling + it looks great.