God what a hangover!! We both lay in bed pretty late. Dick left about eleven. I discovered soon after I was out of cigarrettes. Called Bill Tregoe + had very nice chat. Am going to send him the script + “Fit to be Tied” from the Airport tomorrow. Called Hilary who said she thought Mather + Winnie were in Boston + got Daddy’s shirt size from Jimmy. Tried Mather all day and up to 8 o’clock (11 his time) at night but without luck went grocery shopping at one + was out for an hour or so. Started trying to get organized Dick home by 3:30. We put all Daddy’s presents + some blow ups for Susan and stole for Drue in one suitcase Armando bought a bottle of Tanqueray gin for Daddy + we put that in too. I made apts. + got some packing done. We had good dinner – roast beef + watched a little TV + went to bed early. – Plane doesn’t leave til 10 so we’ll have time in the a.m. Dick had the western xeroxed and also Mrs. Taylor’s letter + craig’s chef d’oeuvre. Spoke with Alice who’s been in bed with Laryngitis + Lucille who had a few messages for Gen –