Good day – caught up diary for the week – (still missing a chunk back in L.A.) Paid bills – Nat’l Geo, Readers’ Digest, Power Co, Florist, Service, Mortgage. Wrote Jim Parker + Timmy (“He’s treated to Europe, his house made trim/But his soul is blighted, his psyche grim/. What in the world is the matter with him/, Poor, poor unpopular Tim!”) suggesting if he’s feeling “cheerful enough” that he come to visit us for 4 or 5 days in late October. Wimpy came over in the a.m. + went out with Dick – still not able to keep anything down. I spent the afternoon going through old correspondence looking for a letter I’d saved from Mrs. Taylor but never found it. Did however find one from 1962 which is very dear + which I’ll send on. Also found Craig Brush’s masterpiece. Mary called + Les apologized to Dick for their fight which we’d never even have known about if I hadn’t called. We started in on the Lancers rose about 4 o’clock + finished the 2nd bottle by 6 or so. Dick went out + got 3 bottles of burgundy as a dietary supplement. Jim Goldsmith came over + wanted to borrow $200 but we lent him $600.00 and a card table. Talked with Drue + Dick in New York + Drue’s going to be in the hospital when we get there on the 7th. Told her I’d made her a stole + would bring it. We talked to Leon + then talked about Bill’s mss/ – when we get back I’m going to get in touch with Jim Parsons + get all that stuff to him