Ridiculous day in some respects as I never even got dressed. Just sat and knitted on Druscilla’s stole from 11 am on to about 10 pm when I finished it. It’s my first stole and I think it’s great! Read “Man from Abilene” the script that Leon sent us. I think it’s a good solid western but wonder just what could be done with it to make it any more than that. I also read alot more of “Zelda” which is a fascinating + depressing book. Ana + Armando did the shopping. Dick called to say the Philadelphia contingent are all in town + he expected Wimpy to come to the office. But he didn’t. After dinner we called Wimpy + he said he’d be over in the a.m. – He’s sick with the “touristas” from their Mexican Aunt. Dick read the script from cover to cover + liked it alot but said at the end “it’s a one hour television show.” We tried to call Bill Tregoe + couldn’t get him – were going to call Leon but decided against it as it was after eleven. So we went to bed.