Up early with a little difficulty + off to L.A. Dick briefly in a bad mood but fine by the time we’d reached the airport Our plane made several attempts but didn’t take off. We debarked at 8 o’clock + saw 4 flat times + a fire truck. Called Mary but Les had already left. We had breakfast + 2 bloody Marys before reboarding on a-champagne flight from Minneapolis. Finally landed at 11 o’clock. Dick + Les off to the furniture mart. I had coffee with Mary + then took their mustang + went to pick up cropped photo + took the whole bunch over to Stewart Croxton on Melrose We put together a composite and he’s going to have 90 delivered to Leon’s office + 10 + the negative mailed to me. Met Les + Dick and Mary at Cave de Roys. Les left early + we stayed for lunch + wine + had nice time with dear, dear Henry. Mary located a book for Daddy (“The Mathers” – ) after 25 local calls by phoning Brentanos in N.Y. Dick went back to their house + Mary + I went to the Handweavers’ yarn place. Gorgeous selection + bought mohair for stoles for Drue + Sue Glick. Back to house + thence to Hamburger Hamlet for what we thought  a happy funny dinner with maybe a little too much wine. Came home + had to call Mary for a repeat on the knitting instructions + she was in tears over a fight with Les. Something about dinner (?) We were exhausted + went to bed right away.