Overslept – woke at 8:50 – Raced to meet Alice at the Blvd. Got there at 9:15. Nice visit. Liz Renet (?) the celebrity + some Indian artifact experts – interesting. Went to B. Daltons after and bought a few sale books and two paperback copies of “Hard Times – an oral history of the depression” by Studs Terkel. Got “The Honeycomb” + gave it to Alice. Went to interior Systems + spoke to Marilyn Goble about office – dealers in the Mart. Went to W.O.W. to See Daisy + lost some money in the machines. Went to the International + Lost some money. Went + picked up our tickets and deposited Jim Parker’s check + Paco’s in my checking acct. Groceries + home – Dick home about 5:30. Had thought Jimmy Judge might stop by but he didn’t. Ed Kubick over however to mention a whole pile of rubble that had been dumped in the desert with “Master Pool” boxes all over. Stayed + had some drinks with us + we all babbled on + got drunk. Dick went to bed + I followed shortly after “dismissing Ed” (according to Dick)