Made an appt. for Little at the vet’s. Called C.S.G. to say I couldn’t work. Friday. Called Alice + Maurine in L.A. and the Safety Dept about Armando’s driving lessons. Went to the Hacienda + won $60 – then came back + took Little over to Dr. Essex. He told me she was a “niggertown special.” Said it twice and thereby lost a customer. Which is too bad as he’s certainly handily located. Brought her home, having had her shots + got into long talk with Ana about a letter from her Mother to Paco that she’d opened by mistake. Full of bad things about her + she was very upset. Told me a pretty terrible tale about Paco (drunk) trying to kill Armando in the car. Oh Shit. Left the house pretty depressed + went over to the Tropicana + lost $100. Served me right for pressing luck and I knew the mood was past. Came home though to find a $100 check from Jim Parker – half repayment of old loan. I’d given Ana $227.00 this am to pay Dr. Zivot. Still we’re in very good shape.