Slept in a little – I wrote check for Shirley and sent it with the candy + perfume via Dick Called Maurine + said I’d be in on Wednesday for my picture. Called Druscilla + her mother died a week ago yesterday without ever having regained consciousness – I feel so sorry. Drue + Mary Jean had a ghastly fight in Maine. Mrs. Taylor didn’t leave a will and Mary Jean took all the jewelry. Drue said that Johnny was great and an enormous help to Dr. Taylor. We talked at some length I went to the International hotel and played 21. In less than an hour I made a hundred dollars + I left + went to Commercial Center. Went to Toys for Men + bought a “Director” figure for Bill Tregoe, an auto bridge and a game “body talk.” Went to Basco’s and bought a radio for Daddy. Went + bought some cards at Savon, and groceries and came home. Started a letter to Daddy. Dick asleep + I wasn’t overjoyed but he woke up in good shape and ate a good dinner. We watched TV and I wrapped Bill’s presents + Dick signed cards. We sat up then + talked about Mary Jean + Drue + life + death – didn’t go to bed til 10. Told Dick I was going to try the Internat’l again tomorrow A.M.