Lay around late – made love + slept + woke + lay around – Went in the pool again + had coffee. Went to Leon’s at noon. Dick made cheese omelets we talked about a script that Leon wants Dick to produce! He’s going to send us a copy. We left with wine + gifts about 2:00. Leon looking alot better than when we got here. Went to see Mary + Les + had a very nice visit They gave Dick two records for his Birthday (Bill Tregoe gave him a stunning rock + matches thing + Scotty gave us a night at the motel!) We found out that Les is furnishing his new office + Dick said he’d come up during the week + make Les a member of the furniture mart as out “L.A. representative.” I’m going to come with him + I can get my composite made We left at 4:15, turned in the car + got on the plane. Came straight home + glad to be home. Dick fixed dinner + we went to bed early. It was a pretty hectic weekend but thoroughly pleasant + fun.