Wakened pretty bright + early Made love, made coffee + called Magda. I went out about 9:45 + drove to “The Big Party” – got all the party stuff glasses + decorations + plates etc. Went to the Safeway for a little more liquor coffee and odds + ends. Back to the motel + we called Timmy + made a date for lunch. Got over there + Dick couldn’t see the difference in his apt. except that it looked nice + clean. I could have wept as it’s true. New curtains + bedspreads look nice but he’s got that old rug back in the kitchen blah, blah, blah. We went to the magic pan for lunch (Which really is a heavenly place) and Timmy told us how terrible the flight to Europe was in the 747, (“like a biscuit box”), the visit was a disaster and he went on at great length about how his birthday had passed unnoticed (I sent him a check for $50 but it was late). and how “Mr. Lauce seems to have alot of friends.” – blah, blah, blah. He’s turning into a caricature of himself – And seems to have forgotten how to say thank you to boot We parted company at 2:30 + went to Leon’s where we put up the decorations + straightened things out a bit and then we went home + swam + made love again + got dressed + went to the party bringing ice. Magda came with all the food at 6:45. Scotty, Bill Tregoe, Virginia Martindale + Caro Jones were guests + it really was a good party from every point of view. We left at midnight (I protesting all the way) + once again left Magda to clean up which was terrible. next party I’m bringing the food myself in hot plates.