Up early. shaved legs. Suddenly discovered Newman has strange sores all over him so made appt for vets at 11. Paid a few bills + went to the office. Did grocery shopping and other while waiting for Dick We went over to FNB + opened a savings acct for $10,000. Dick put $500 in his checking acct and I put the balance of $887 in my acct. We’re going to give Shirley $500 as a bonus. Took Newman to Dr. Essex who told me to get rid of the flea collar + that the Hartz nit shampoo is “junk.” (“there are no fleas in the state of Nevada.”) He gave Newman a distemper booster and gave me some shampoo + ointment for his sores. Was back home by 11:20 + Ana + I bathed + salved Newman. I washed my hair + then went to pick up some handkerchiefs at Sprouse Reitz for Ana + Armando to give Leon. Dick bought some shirts. We left at 2:20 for L.A. Picked up our car + went by Maurine’s where I got my pictures. The Hallmark motel just perfect. Went to Leon’s office party – pretty stiff – about 5:30. Funny by play with Mrs. Waggonheimer – Scotty did all the work + wound up suddenly really drunk. He + Dick + Magda + I went back to Leon’s where we got Scotty partially sobered up + went under ourselves in the process. We saw Mort Thompson on the street outside Leon’s + he stopped + said hello Magda + I made plans for tomorrow eve.