A late starting day but got alot done Called New London about the table + nothing had been done. They said they’d send it right out. Spoke with Shirley who said the Doctor had said Linda might have a very mild form of epilepsy. Went to the P.O. + Mailed letters + Sue’s books. Went to Dazey and got our tickets to L.A. and to Boston on the 31st Valley Bank deposited $500 and Bank of Nevada deposited $171 Went to office + Dick + I took several papers to the bank to be notarized. I went to the Show Boat for an hour and played 21. Left $55 richer. Went to Basco’s + bought a really lovely radio for Leon and a blender for us. Went to the laundry, to Sprouse Reitz + to Safeway. Home by about 4:30. Dick drunk again and I was really pretty ticked off + told him so. The damned court appearance has been postponed again – Too much, too much too much Nice letter from Scotty. We watched TV, talked some + bed about 9:30 I had quite alot of wine in an effort to equalize the situation.