Dick off without speaking to me at 5:30. I stayed up and read for about 4 hours. Finished “I know why the caged Bird sings” by Maya Angelou + loved it. Then read a mediocre tale called “The Long Whip” by John Hicks – guess one of the Enelow children left it. The contractor came over early went to buy material + started fixing the siding out back. Nice man. I started work finally on my desk and got alot done. Took Ana to Dr. Zivot’s at 1:30. While she waited I went to Panorama Market + got Lobster tails and alot of goodies. Put $10 in the slot machine + lost it all. Ana’s wrist doing nicely + we were home by 3:15. Called office again – Linda had fainted at the wheel of Darrel’s car + run into a telephone pole. She wasn’t hurt but the car was totaled out. Shirley had taken Linda for tests. I talked with Dick + he was quite drunk + still angry with me. I spent the rest of the afternoon in the [crossed out word] library. Made pkge of books for Sue Glick + wrote notes to her, Rae O’Dell + Leon (w/commission) + Timmy (w/$300) Got files straightened out and alot cleared up + thrown away. Called Scotty + checked out arrangements for the weekend. Dick home about 6 o’clock + promptly passed out in chair. We ate about 7:15 + he ate a good dinner + went to bed. I joined him + at first he was very aloof. Then he suddenly said that he loved me too much to fight, that it was 20 minutes of four + he had to go to work in an hour I assured him it was 20 after 8 + he had a whole lovely night to sleep. Phil Sandoval called + after we listened to a few records, had a glass of wine + went to bed + made love.