Hard to get up today We stayed up last night til one o’clock but as Dick said it was nice that Jim was having enough fun to want to stay up. Paco was over early but used the time to mow the lawn so that was all to the good. Dick up + off about 9 or so. I made my final selection of poses and called Maurine’s to apologize for the delay. Said I’d send them out Special Delivery airmail this A.M. + Margery said they’d have the proofs ready by Friday + would leave them under the door for me. I took the envelope over to Keno Lane + then went to the Castaways + played 21. I was a hundred dollars ahead + should have stopped but didn’t. Instead wound up losing $50. Went to the Safeway for groceries, got Ana a money order + was home around 4:30 or 5. Dick home and pretty drunk. Was calling Philadelphia when I came in. I spoke to George + Cassie. Ana made cheese enchiladas for Dick + I had cold lamb + salad. – Wally Pinjuv[?] came over + we discussed the improvement in the guest bathroom Dick no help there. During dinner we watched the baseball game of the week – Cincinnatti against Detroit. Good game. The reds won in the 9th. Dick came out of a semi-coma to say something about making love + I was pretty cold to the project. We went to bed in stony silence. I read for a while.