Jack over early – looked at guestroom + air conditioning unit. Phone still out. Dick left at 8:30 or 9. I paid bills – Power co. exterminator, mortgage, Annie. Also Anaesthetist for Ana and an additional charge for the hosp. Went over Ana’s receipts with her + tried to organize them. Wally Pinjuv[?] of P + L construction came at 10:30. Said he’d never seen anything like the bedroom. Noticed more damage than we had out door. Think it’s [crossed out letters] going to run into a couple of grand. Called Zivot + changed Ana’s appt. Air conditioning contractor came out at noon. Phone man at 2:30. The phone was off the hook in the garage we’d all looked + hadn’t noticed but none of us had tried it. Oh God! 30 hrs. of beeping. Checked service + Seth Haas had been in town last week. Also a few other choice messages not picked up. Called Timmy + he sounded very well for a change – Whee. Have decided to have small party for Dick on Friday night We had pleasant quiet evening + very little wine – bed by 8:30. Haven’t been out of the house since I’ve been home so lots to do tomorrow.