Hangover Hall – felt God-awful as did Dick. Armando went + got us a pint of vodka and some snap-e tom + we made some bloody marys. Sat + chatted with Ana, Armando + Paco who is finally picking up some English. Called L.A. + warned the children we were a little bit fuzzy + then went to bed for about four hours. Up about 6 o’clock the kids arrived around 7. We took them to the Tropicana for the dinner Show of the Follies Check came to about $120!!! Had pictures taken + Had fun although it’s quite a blur in my mind. Cashed some checks to gamble which Dick was able to buy back very quickly. I was winning + gave David some chips as did Dick (almost $70!) Bet for Jim Daniels + won. Left about 400.00 richer. Debby + the girls had gone to Circus Circus so we went by cab to Frank’s + put $20 in the slot machines but lost. came Home + sat up in the kitchen drinking + talking. David went to get Debby but they crossed paths. By the time everyone was back + the night was winding up, David was about $145 ahead! + we were even more.