Called Timmy this am. He’s still in a stew about the projected cleaning and wanted to know if I couldn’t do it some other time I told him very firmly no. Dick will be busy all next week and it’s my only chance to get away. Sorted through clothes and took a few to cleaners – also took sheets. Went to Vegas Paints and got paint for Timmy’s apt and then to Corbs where I got contac paper, shelf paper and two pieces of unfinished furniture – one to hold the TV set) with drawers and a case with doors to replace the old chair. Dick was home early as I called home. Went to the B’way, Sears, Penneys in search of couch covers + curtains but found nothing. Got home about 4:30. Dick had been off to Jack’s + was a bit the worse for wear. We napped for a bit + then dressed + went over to Shirley’s for Pat + George’s B’day party. The Carmany’s there + several other couples. Dick left abruptly before dinner was served as he felt smashed + tired. I said I’d come home in a cab + I did so – thanks to Jimmy Judge about 12:30 or so. Called Leon earlier to check out my staying with him next week.