Up early – washed hair, paid a few bills Dick slept in this morning til 9 – I went to Breakfast at the Blvd + got Eddie + Ana Hall to sign my Pig Book Sat with Elaine + James Kavanaugh + had a good time. Jim read a children’s poem “the Crooked Angel” aloud + a lovely poem called “My sadness has no seasons” from his new book “Won’t you be my friend?” I really liked the feeling and the whole all-being-together. Went to Sears + bought Timmy some sheets + looked at daybed covers then went to W.O.W. Daisy back + good to see her. She has an operation at the end of August Lost money in the slot machines. Went to Valley Bank + gave Jack Kiser George + Pat’s check. We chatted a bit + I told him about McCoy’s having called Lester and the letter from Jerry Mandel. He said he thought they had their “gall” + I’m in total agreement. Told me about a stock called “Sierra Empire.” I went to the Tropicana and played some 21 + lost. Went + bought groceries + came home. Wrote Bizy at Camp, Winnie + Newcomb. Paid Bentley’s bill for Dick – he didn’t charge me again. made an appt. on Tuesday for Ana with Dr. Zivot. (Marlene will have to take her) + called Mary. Nice chat She’d had a rear end collision last week with the twins in the car but Thank God none of them were hurt. Dick worked until 8 o’clock so we couldn’t get to the library. I was very sad about that but it couldn’t be helped. Dick had a call on the service from Joplin (?)