Good sort of day really. Started off by calling + ordering more fire proofing for the roof. Made appt. at Golden Venus for a “wrap” treatment. Went to the Blvd + bought some cards at Hallmark, a gift pack at Hickory Farms for Sue and a couple of books at Dalton’s. Elaine gave Dick “The Bad Popes.” Wow. She’s in the current Reader’s Digest Re-wow! Went to the Golden Venus + was there about 2 hours. Sauna, whirlpool, wrap, sauna etc. Lost 10 1/2 inches + felt great. Went to the International + played some 21. Won $110.00 + left. Went to Home Lumber + bought some tile for Timmy’s kitchen and a new reading lamp. Will get the paint at Vegas Paints. Got groceries + came home after winning $5.00 on the slot machine. [crossed out words] Ana on the phone told me she had 140° temperature. I told her she couldn’t or she’d be dead. [crossed out letters] She didn’t have any actually. Dick fixed pork chops for dinner. I tried on my new bathing suit + it fits now. One more wrap treatment + it will fit well. We called Newcomb + I explained about his birthday + said how sorry I was. Will try to get him + Susan theatre tickets in N.Y. Also told him the Andrew Wyeth book is now worth $350.00! We watched TV + went to bed early-ish. George + Pat garrett paid off their loan today. Whee.