Went to Detention early after leaving instructions with service to pick up on first ring + say I’d be back here at 2:00 pm. – 10 o’clock French time + to call collect. Learned a little macrame today + had funny visit with Angie Leverett. Went to the office + saw Dick + then to Bank of Nevada to deposit money from N.Y. and Valley Bank to put my “Smith Family” Check in Savings acct. yesterday I put Dick’s entire paycheck in our hsehld acct. Bought groceries + was back by 1:30. Timmy had called + the service was afraid they hadn’t gotten the message across to the French operator but evidently they did as he called back at 3:30 Can’t change his ticket but said he’d stay away next week while I fix his place up. So that’s good. The only thing I wonder about is his saying he’d “go to England another time” – I wonder how. Dick home at 4:30 and in a stew about George Hall + the electricians raise etc. etc. Made some 8 or 10 calls + evidently got things sorted out. Nice Lamb dinner; finished Casey’s coasters – Bed early + very tired.