Got quite a bit done today Dick off early. Called France again + left message to call at 4. Spoke with Sheila Taylor + explained situation. Emptied dishwasher, cleaned kitchen + glasses, made bed, finished a square + washed + blocked 4 others. Paid phone bill, Grabage + sent money to Timmy’s acct. Went to Post office + got stamps. Won money on a slot machine, went to Lucy Foley’s for Placement Committee meeting. Jean Cohlan evidently at the seat of complaints about Bill Gang. Stopped by office, went + picked up picture of Humbug + went out to Hunsaker’s new place to get some bird feed. Bought wool + groceries + came home to find Timmy had called at 3 o’clock. Oh shit Seems as though nobody can get anything straight. Was in foul humor. Dick home around 4:30 and we sat around + watched TV + I started some crocheted coasters for Casey. [crossed out word] Went to bed early. Letter from Leon with a release he’d given Jules Levine – I was “costarring with Henry Fonda” + Dick is “President of Master Pools” – Oh God. [crossed out words] Used credit on Shirley’s Birthday present for a bathing suit and shirt.