Dick out to work pretty early I called Harold Stern “Applause” has been postponed til August 18th but he still thinks there’s a chance Spent the morning cleaning out the bathroom + then settled down to knit + read. Talked with Ana a little. She’s very upset about the money and about her children in Salvador etc. Had a letter yesterday from Armando’s Aunt telling them mot to come back as there is no work there. I told her that Dick + I had had second thoughts about the trailer set up as we’re not at all sure that we want the responsibility of 4 small children Told her it had nothing to do with her wrist or any of what she calls “The problems we give you.” She hadn’t been counting on it to begin with so that was a vast relief to me. She + Armando went out later to do some shopping. Dick + I watched a god-awful Japanese film with a Karate background Some of the worst acting (by occidentals) I’ve ever seen. Jim Daniels came over + we had a good visit he stayed for dinner (hot roast beef sandwiches) which Ana helped fix. Later Jack + Joyce came over with Danny + Marge + the baby which they left with Ana + Armando. Danny + Marge getting married tonight. I (+Dick too) thought Marge looked pretty grim. Jim left after they did + Dick + I went to bed.