Eyes better but none too gorgeous. Went to the Placement committee room. Bill Gang in soon after – Accomplished a little but not much. Martha Chase called + there’s a meeting on Monday at Lucy Foley’s about Bill Gang + “exactly what his duties are” – “we’re going to put Bill Fain on the Spot.” Sounds like a bunch of 2 year olds. Bill Fain out for the day so I told Bill Gang the exact situation + suggested he get Bill Fain to speak out loud + clear. Also told Angie. Maybe it’s talking out of turn but either this is a ‘volunteer organization or it’s a personal ego builder organization. Called the hospital + Ana would be out at noon Her bill (not counting Dr. Zivot or the anesthetist) was $311.00 Good Christ. Picked her up after paying it – Took wrong turn off F’way. Ana all upset + not feeling well. A little upset myself. Went to bank + deposited the money in our Savings acct. (2,000) and a N.Y. check for the hosp bill in our household acct. Went + got groceries Dick home + a little drunk. We went to bed + slept + then out by the pool. Betsy McTighe (now Limtiaco[?]) came by with her new husband to return the car. Left us a half gallon of scotch + some perfume but we didn’t know that til later. We had a baby roast beef for dinner + salad + french fries. Watched TV + went to bed early I had a letter from Timmy saying he was coming back on the 28th!!?? of this month. Thought he was going to London?