Oh lord – Hideous day – I woke up Thinking my contact lenses were still in + in really ghastly pain. Kept trying to get them out + only an hour later discovered I must have taken them out when we got home this a.m. There really is no more awful feeling than the pain of having worn your lenses too long (about 24 hrs.) Stupid. I’m sure there is worse but I don’t want to know about it. Also the knowledge of the $2200 made everything a hell of alot better. Joyce came over around 2:30 to see what was happening about Ana. She’d had a terrible time getting her into the hospital yesterday. After a few hrs. of calling found that Ana would be in until tomorrow as she’d come out of the anesthesia very slowly. Dick home + a little drunk. Had a big grudge on at the moment against Ana + Armando but after I kept telling him in front of Joyce how lucky we’d been last night (he won all the money) and how great it was that he decided to leave his mood got quite sunny. Armando home about 6:30. We all had TV dinners + talked with Ana who was still very confused. Went to bed early.