Up at 4:30 – went over script + had coffee Left about 5:30 – Car wouldn’t start but finally did. Got out there to Makeup (Johnny + Vivienne Hair dresser) was done + then had an hour + a half to wait around. Didn’t start shooting til 8 o’clock. Out doors. Had to drive Good God. Short dress + low sports car. But scene went well + everyone pleasant esp. Janet Blair. Little girl Erin Moran played my daughter – had worked with her on Family affair Herschel Daugherty director. Leon came at lunch time w/Virginia + Jack Jones (now Barry Hamilton) Saw Ed Hartman in the commissary + told him how much I liked his “childrens’ crusade” piece in the S.A.G. magazine. We talked several times + he said he’d “bring you back soon” – Whee. I said Please do. After lunch did a few errands w/Leon + at his office I made a photo appt for [crossed out letters] Tuesday Aug. 3rd. Called the Fleming agency and found they’d only just sent some of Rita’s short stories to a contest in Iowa. Paid for new resumes + Leon + I went to see Bert – very brief but glad to see him. Back to office for a drink, to Leon’s for another + thence to the airport + home Dick met me + we went to Franks Bar Put a bundle in the slot machine + had markers on about $90.00. Hit $125 + several $25’s bought the place a drink, bought back our markers + left a few bucks ahead. Dick suggested we go to the Tropicana + we did. Cashed a N.Y. check for $100.– ($50 a piece) Saw Jim Daniels We bought back the check + left with $2200.00!!! That will more than pay for the trip back East. WOW! Very drunk.