Up at 5:00 – bathed + dressed + finished packing. Dick dropped me at the airport at 6:30 – Plane off at 7. Picked up car + went to Georges. Nice cut. Lots of traffic. Got to Leon’s at a little before noon. Went to Benesch’s + had a sandwich. He had to go to Tom Palmer’s but I didn’t want to get out. Bad mood still lingering. We picked up some stuffed cabbage + went to his place. Left the stuff + took him back to the office. I went shopping for a few odds and ends + then went over to Timmy’s. My God what a mess! It will take 4 or 5 days to fix up. Back to Leon’s – worked on the script + fell asleep. Slept several hours. Poor Leon had to come back for his car keys + then back to the office for the car! We had a pleasant evening although Dick called + there were big banking decisions to make that depressed me again. Leon gave me a very pretty dress. Bed about 10:00 –