Oh dear – Bad start to day. Shirley had ordered tile + coping on a pool that had not been plumbed + Dick + Jack had to go plumb. Dick furious + she shouldn’t have taken it upon herself – that’s true. Paid Ana, washed hair – shaved legs etc. Got all ready for the Dedication at Zinoff Hall. Dick had said he wasn’t going but came back in time + did go. Lucille invited me swimming but I asked for a raincheck. The dedication was sparsely attended + the open house not at all from what I could see. Judge Mendoza gave out certificates to the contributors. We left about 3 o’clock. Went to store. Marlene said Hash had called + apologized for being “unreasonable”!!! Store did over $300 today. Bought groceries + came home. I’ve been very depressed lately. Dick fixed chicken livers. I got drunk. Called Harold Stern and it looks as though something may be getting started. A throw-away entertainment weekly called “applause” Went out + got more wine + beer. Dick in bed. Sat + talked with Ana.