Off early today – went to Detention to work Placement committee + spent most of the A.M. Transferring info from one blackboard to another. Bill Gang very funny about the Open House + Dedication tomorrow. Said they’re going to get “one finger of the hand they could have had” as far as attendance is concerned. Back to office to sign papers but that’s been put off til Monday. A “Master Chem” Man there giving a “seminar” on water purification. Hash called + won’t pay for his decking. Dick angry as Hash had hired 2 contractors simultaneously – Hash hung up + Dick put in a call to Oscar Goodman who wasn’t there. I ate in the newsstand place Unbearably hot day. Took money to Valley Bank + picked up our old blank check (the one in case the acct was attached) Deposited $5,000 for the financing + $200 in our household acct. Bought some wine + came home. Dick already here. Called Zivot’s office to give “Background” information on Ana. Seemed very repetitive. Asked if Ana couldn’t go in on Weds. + the girl said she’d ask Zivot [crossed out word] Monday. Letter from Louise Parr that made me feel very badly. Will contact the Peter Fleming agency when I’m in L.A. Occurred to me I might stay at Timmy’s – Dick upset about the cheese enchiladas having meat in them – (all my fault as I’d asked Ana to put it in.) flounced off to bed. I watched Sunrise at Campobello + Name of the Game + knitted 2 sqs.