Dick off at 5:30 + then back at 6:30 to get a few more hours. I wrote Rae a Thank you note + paid our American Express bills + sent Leon’s commission. Clara called to say the sign was ready and I invited her over at 10:30. We had coffee + I showed her the blanket etc + we had a nice visit I took Ana + Jeffrey + we dropped Jeffrey with Nelda + left Ana in the Plaza while I went to lunch with Dick, Mr McCoy + Ernie Woodram (?) at the McCayo. Judy Rehn waited on us + was very pleasant when Dick said he wanted to see Bill. Ernie funny about the mormons + how they “cut you down” + then when he was down they built him up so they could cut him down again. Our financing going to go through. [crossed out letter] Went to pick up photographs (lovely job) and left Mary Parker’s little charcoal sketch of Humbug to be framed. Went to see Dr. Zivot. Ana’s operation will be on Thurs. but hospital Weds. when I’m out of town (complications) Home – groceries (forgot Geffrey whom Armando had to pick up) Sat outside – nice dinner – TV – another wind storm. Bed early.