Odd day. I got up pretty early – Dick slept in I wrote Diary + knitted Dick left about ten and I read. Strange sky outside. Oppressive + found myself irritable + tired. Called Anabel who leaves tomorrow – nice chat. Took typewriter to office. My old one is a better quality than the new. Delivered some SPA to the office and picked up the papers on Alan Whitehead. Went over to Nevada Frames and left the Bachrach photos of Mother + Daddy. He said they’d be ready tomorrow. Went to the Castaways with $10. Had made up my mind to play it + not any more under any circumstances Played very carefully + left with $45. Won’t do that again til next week + then again only with $10. Bought groceries – $27.40 + put my change – 2 quarters + a dime in the slot machines. Left with $11.50 of winnings! Went to Bank of Nevada+ deposited a check from Family affair + a 2nd check from Rae O’Dell. Long wait at the bank. Dick home when I got home. We had an American Express Bill for more than a thousand dollars (N.Y. + L.A. + Hertz etc.) I had to pay Jack Woods $753 today – It’s all so damn depressing. Right after dinner a wild wind came up – like a cyclone – exciting + a little frightening. We went to bed about 9 + watched a little TV