Dick up + out of the house at 5:30 + I got up shortly after + wrote a letter to Timmy. All word from him in France has been so happy it’s a delight. Washed hair + went down to detention by 9 o’clock. Had pleasant though slightly unproductive morning with Clara Springer – the kids not too cooperative She followed me after to the store + I showed her the little outboard motor + asked if she could make a sign. Bought some posterboard at Wendell’s. then I went to her house – was fascinated with the work she’s done. She told funny story about a teacher telling someone “now– you’re ready to paint on velvet!” Went to Sprouse Reitz and got some more wool and to Safeway for bread. Hot out. Home – insurance bill for $753 – Oh Lord. Read a little Dick home at 3:30 and pretty drunk although I didn’t know it til later – it’s been so long. Carl came by with a bill for $61.81 – I watched The Allstar Game. very exciting – 6 home runs hit. The American League won after losing the last 8 Allstar games. Dick didn’t want to go to the swimming pool meeting so I called Mike Fauci’s exchange + said he was sick. Watched TV + knitted 2 1/4 squares. Washed + blocked 4 more. Dick off to bed early. I stayed up + read for a bit.