A really lost day. I felt ghastly + lay around in bed almost all day. Read a whole Detective Club Selection Didn’t go to Guild meeting at 1 pm. Dick home about four o’clock. We got a plat [crossed out letter] map from the guy who called the other day showing the 10 acres on Rawhide for $55,000. We went over + looked at it and then Dick offered the Real Estate broker a flat cash price of $30,000. The owner would be a fool to take it but just maybe he wants to unload – He can always make a counter offer + we’re prepared to go up to $40,000. We had TV dinners. Mary called + I had to sock her with all the rotten news about Newcomb + Humbug at once – Talked with David + Debbie who will be coming through with the twins on August 1st Ed + Casey came over after dinner to get their spit + we had a nice sober visit Bed by nine.