Lay in bed late – washed + bleached a few squares. Crocheted about 7 or 8 – think this is going to be a very pretty blanket + am beginning to get excited about it We called J + J to invite them for ribs – no answer. We invited Ed + Casey + I called the Ashby’s but they were busy. Ed + Casey over about 3:30. Dick had bought a gallon jug of red wine which we drank Ed + Casey polished off most of a bottle of VO. We had ribs + beans + corn + a very nice time until it turned pretty drunk. Later Dick + I had a fight about Dick Kneeland. It’s my fault really. Dick Kneeland and I did so much good work together + stuff that I’m so proud of that I want Dick to know about it + read it but I only bring it up when I’m drunk so naturally Dick’s got a very distorted idea of how I feel about Dick K.