Wrote out Marlene’s graduation check with 2 mos. interest + paid Child Haven dues. We went by Hash’s pool to let them select the tile + saw Krause’s completed pool – lovely. Had breakfast at the newsstand – saw Pat + Marge + then at ten met with Jim Wheeler about the Water purifiers. We’re starting with an order of 5. Came home + watched the Yankee Red Sox Baseball Game. Started with an “Old Timer’s Game – DiMaggio, Mantle, Satchel Page etc. Ellston Howard hit an in the park home run. The Red Sox started out well but lost in the 8th – 3 to 5 – we called Daddy after + had a nice chat. I got a cute note from Jimmy thanking me for the star I sent him We watched the British open. Lee Trevino won but at the end it was close + exciting. Liked him. Went out + played in the pool after + lay in the sun. Jeffrey + Ana in the pool too. Armando home + cut the grass with Paco helping. We had lobster tails for dinner + watched a sci-fi-movie “Beast with a thousand eyes” and then saw “A Patch of Blue” which we loved. knit 3 squares today Nice quiet easy day.