Up earlyish but lay around a bit – Gave Dick a check covering his interest payments for Bill Rehn to put in his acct. and drew up one for me for my checking acct. Placement committee at 9 o’clock. Didn’t place anybody although I was there til after 12. Went to office + had lunch with Dick + got another check from Shirley for a typewriter. Luckily Dick signed it because I went by Dave’s + they drew up some papers + I forged Dick’s signature + Dave took the papers over to Court. Went to Business Machine Co. + got a new typewriter – a lettera 31 on sale so I got some paper + pens + extras + the total was only $54.57. Went to Bank of Nevada + deposited Rae’s check + the hsehold check + then to [crossed out letter] Valley Bank where I deposited $150 of Dick’s Salary. Got some groceries + came home. Hot, tiring day. We lay out by the pool – a new crime club selection from Sue came today. Went swimming – there’s a weed growing up through our vinyl liner already!!! Watched TV and knitted. Called Leon who had liked Ira alot. He’d given him a copy of “Poison Tree” by Timmy and I think it was the wrong choice but what difference. I think Ira would like Timmy alot. Dick was sound asleep by the time I turned out the lights + muttering about swimming pools.