Dick couldn’t get the truck started. Jack knocked on our bedroom door at 5:15 but Dick said he’d have it towed in. We made love, slept, I did a few days diary + then drove Dick in to the office after Howard Davies sent a man for the truck. Stopped at several jobs en route + ran into Guy Gagnon at one A battery cable was what was wrong with the Chevy. Gave Shirley the Am. Express check + money for doors + stain for house. Got some receipts + asked her about First Western Savings + loan for Frederick Lewis. (All bad news evidently) Went to Lees office equipment for a new typewriter + they don’t carry them. Tore up the Company check which I shouldn’t have done. Went to Von Tobels for grass seed + bought groceries long talk with Caroline the change woman Such a nice lady. Went + picked up battery + came home Wrote Rae O’Dell + Annie. Paid Mortgage. Dr. Clarke + insurance discrepancy to Dr. Richman – Called Dr. Zivot who will see Ana next Thurs. Called Dave at Dick’s bequest + he promised to get a court date. We sat outside + phone rang and it was Ira Zuckerman!!! He’s been on a grant as an asst Director for “Godfather” So good to hear him. Gave him Leon’s number. We had meatloaf + watched TV + knitted. Gave Dick a shave and went to bed + watched Ironsides.