Buckled down a bit today. Dick slept til about 9:30 or so + left refreshed + feeling better. I caught up 7 days of diary (another 9 or 10 to go) Paid endless bills – Phone, service, Hayes, B.Dalton, Terminix, garbage, Andelson, Bachrach, Nevada Power. Wrote a note to Sophie Teller. Called Valley Bank + went over. Sent $350 to N.Y. acct so now should be completely covered. Picked up some groceries + graph paper + came home. Dick back with bills from Master Charge, Am. Express + Bank Americard Dick’s truck dead as a doornail. Enco man over with new starter – nothing. (Shades of LTD.) Newcomb called which made me very happy as I’d felt just terrible about my rotten behavior. We had a very good lamb dinner + went to bed about 10 o’clock. Leon called too + said “I came to your house a dead man” evidently he left alive – Dear Leon.

Things at the office very bad + Dick is faced with a decision about Pat. Poor Dick.