Got up with great difficulty Dick had Marlene bring back the car. Leon + Scotty had breakfast but I couldn’t eat Took them to the airport where we spent our quarters – Dick home early – I was supposed to go to Detention today + forgot. Went later [crossed out word] Got cleaning + groceries. Home at 3:20 – Both feeling terrible. Dan Harnett hanging us [crossed out letter] up on Mandel’s pool. What a mess. Have made decision to give up gambling for the time being. We lost a thousand dollars last night. Called Bob Buckley but he [crossed out letters] didn’t return the call. Dick called Shirley to get in touch with Dan + notify him we’re reporting him to the contractor’s board for abandonment. We lay around. Scotty called. Watched Portrait of Jennie on TV. Despite the bad part of the money – I think Scotty + Leon had a good time that’s important anyway.