Up around 10 o’clock or so everyone rested. Had coffee + went with Dick to look at a couple of pools. Saw George + Tony on one then to the store – Leon impressed. Had Breakfast (12:00) at the International Pancake House Crazy little bug-eyed waitress – funny. Talkative couple next to us. Went to the Showboat + cashed $400 worth of checks before we were through. Up + down but mostly down. No Keno winnings at all. Over dinner decided to postpone Leon + Scotty’s flight to tomorrow A.M. Leon delighted. Scotty too. Back to the store where Dick took $301.00 + called Jimmy Judge who took us to the Golden Nuggett. Lost there too. But oddly enough sat next to Dr. Bob Buckley at a 21 table. Friend of Mary + Allens, Doug Forde + Rich Ware – Weird coincidence – will look him up again. Cashed another $300. We left about midnight + used Scotty’s quarters as cab fare. Home – Had a nightcap + went to bed. Dick annoyed with me for staying up later than he. But I think we were both upset about the money without wanting to make Leon + Scotty feel badly. (We gave Leon a check for 4,000 this A.M.