Slept til the phone rang at 2 o’clock – Mrs. Davis for Scotty. Woke him. She was shocked that we were all still asleep Dick fixed us breakfast at about 4 – Cheese omelets. Went out + sat by the pool. Scotty in + out doing bits Pool commercials etc. I went in + then fell on the bench coming out. Really jarred myself + scared Dick + Scott badly. sore as hell but I’ll survive. Dick went with Leon to the market for vodka + later with Scotty for supper stuff. Dick fixed a really great chile. We sat out all evening. Peaceful + lovely. So glad that Leon + Scott get along so well. Feel they can look after each other + that Leon has someone to take my place. At 10:30 or so I came in to bed – They all came in an hour later but I just couldn’t last.

Today was Susan’s (Enelow) birthday + I forgot.

Scotty, Dick + I called Druscilla + Dick – She’s delighted with her umbrella.