Up very early + went over to J + J’s to borrow the Van. Joyce’s sister Quida, husband + 2 kids there. All getting ready to go to the lake “Had a touch” + came home. Armando had come + gone – drunk but gave Ana all his money so things not too bad. Dick went to work on hooking up our new filter + I went to the grocery store – Got huge steak + potatos etc. for this evening + 3 1/2 gallons of wine. Some of which we started Armando home again + I fed him alka seltzer + excedrin + then the whole house settled down for a nap. At 5:20 Dick went to the airport to meet Scotty + Leon. So good to see them both. We had an impromptu + premature birthday party for Armando which was very successful Leon came loaded with gifts – Stockings, cookies, bread, perfume, a wallet for Armando a lovely dress for me which I put right on and another pair of support pants for Dick. Wine for dinner (coals to newcastle.) We went to the Aladin + lost some money – Dick got angry + went home. We went to the Hacienda where I got very lucky + bought back the checks there + then back at the Aladin ($600 worth). We came home at 7 am with no checks outstanding + $120 in my wallet. Leon exhausted + said to Scotty “I don’t know whether to eat, to lie down, to drink or stand up!”