Dick off early. I left with Ana + Jeffrey about 8:30. Dropped them at the store + went down to Juvenile. First time I’ve had a feeling of accomplishment on the placement committee. A young man there named Bill Gang who’s to be a sort of Supervisor -Liason man with the Guild etc. Placed 3 people. A Bernard Laub on traffic assistance, Kathie Nellis – nursery 2 days and a Rob’t. Cole for a full day + a half at Child Haven. Shirley called at one moment + told me I had to get downtown [crossed out letters] to the title co. or we wouldn’t get our money + then called back as I was leaving + said it was okay. I left about 12:15. Got to the office + discovered we had to have the original insurance policy or no money. Good God Dick went out to get it. I rounded up Ana + Jeffrey + came home to help look for it. No where But Pete McKay evidently had what would pass. I went down to the office again. Shirley off early. Marlene downtown – Came back with the money at 4:10 – I got it out to the Bank in time. Deposited 2,000 in Co. acct. Home. Ana had bought 2 bottles of sparkling burgundy by mistake – Big mistake as Dick + I were crocked in 20 minutes – Finished off with more + tottered off to bed after calling Leon