Early am called Drue at the gallery – she laughed + laughed at the thought of an air conditioned umbrella and she, like Annie, chose red white + blue. Went down to the office + picked up 3 (one yellow for Elaine) then Dick + I went down to the First Title co. to sign the Escrow papers Nice girl – Marlene Anderson – but the conditions are dreary in the extreme. Our net will be 24,900 – (approx) on a property appraised at $46,800. We have to pay $271 a month for 30 yrs (2001!!) Oh hell. Went back to the office + brooded. Took Elaine’s gift to her + it was a huge hit. Bought groceries + went home. Hate not having Humbug there to meet the car. Newman very subdued Packed umbrellas to mail.

Talked in office today with some banker about financing.