Felt horrible. Ashamed of myself + my self indulgence. woke with the loss of Humbug heavy inside and the not being pregnant was just so much frosting. Dressed + chatted with Newcomb (make-chat) Dick had dashed over to Jack’s for a snort + came back + we took Newcomb to the airport. Then Dick + I went over to Jack’s + had 4 or 5 drinks. Seeing their two dogs got me tearful again but we had a good time once Jack got on to the saga of his meeting with Dick. Came home + lay on mattresses in our pool. Fell asleep + got horribly sunburnt. Came in + lay down. Finished my book – “Ossie” – Called Annie + asked her to deposit $500 in my bank of N.Y. account [crossed out word] to cover a couple of checks. The mortgage should close on Thursday. Told her I was sending her an air-conditioned umbrella.