Humbug was killed today by a car

Awful, awful, awful day. Dick + Newcomb went over to Jack’s early + I slept. Then came out + talked with Ana. Went out later + called Humbug but he didn’t come. Went + lay in the sun with Little + New Man + read [crossed out words] “Ossie.” Phone rang + it was Dick telling me Humbug had been killed around 9 o’clock by a car. The animal shelter had taken away the body which Ana had dragged off the street. He’d asked Ana not to tell me. (Poor Ana – what a morning she had) I felt so badly. Humbug was my friend through such rotten times. Gave me love when I needed it most. The only nice thing to think about was that his last 5 or 6 months with Newman must have been his happiest – At least they seemed to be. I felt such a ghastly sense of loss. Couldn’t stop crying Newcomb very understanding. We had Wine + soda all afternoon and I was drunk by the time we went to pick up Shirley for dinner Went to the Landmark tower + Newcomb kept kicking my ankle – felt I was putting Dick down Oh hell. Later Newcomb told me I had a “liquor problem” – hell again. Came home around 2 am after dropping Shirley. Newcomb alarmed at Dick’s driving. ho ho ho Got back to discover I’d gotten my period – a week late. Had thought I might be pregnant. Another disappointment. Jesus – What a bad day.