Went shopping at the Blvd with Newcomb for a couple of shirts at Silverwoods. Then down to the store. Newcomb, Pat, Shirley, Dick + I had lunch at McCayo Vegas. Judy Rehn waited on us (“Hello Shirley”) As Dick said one time she can make you feel that you’re the one who owes her 15 grand. Newcomb bought a babysitter for Mat + a tic-tac-toss game for the older kids. Then he + I went downtown to the Fremont hotel. Played our Keno ticket and 21 + lost at everything except a few chance games of roulette. Cashed a N.Y. check with nothing to cover it. Grand, Came home – drinks dinner (veal parmigiagian) and Cold Duck Newcomb’s offering and then we all went to the Aladdin with Jimmy Judge driving. Mistake Mistake Mistake. At first I did well but Dick came + took my chips + soon I was cashing checks again. This time I was drinking. Only good part of the evening was Dick bought back all my checks. Don’t remember leaving.