Got Newcomb’s service today + left message about bathing suit. Washed hair + bathed + went to Bentley’s – I’m in very good shape although 6 lbs heavier than last checkup. He said he doubted if I was pregnant but it was too early to tell. Went by the office + then to the Safeway and home. Out to meet Newcomb at 2:18. Came back to the house + showed him the changes which he seemed to like. He asked me why I needed help (Ana) and didn’t think I ought to call Dick at work. Told him how angry Dick gets when I don’t call him. We went to Caesar’s Palace where I lost $40 and Newcomb turned $5 into $150! When you’re short of money you can’t win + I ought to know that but I’ll never learn. We had a couple of drinks and then a nice steak dinner. Dick went to bed and Newcomb + I went to the Showboat. I stuck to coffee all night but still couldn’t do anything + cashed several checks – home about 1 am or 2:00