Had to go for Lab tests at Dr. Bentley’s this AM. Only a glass of water since midnight. I had to stop for gas + Dick went by the new motel to pick up some plans (supt. not there) The Lab tests went fairly quickly. Dick bought me breakfast after. The store has been doing very well these last weeks $700 over the weekend. Went to the Showboat for a little while but didn’t win. Groceries + home. Dick had a call from Pat + evidently Clyde Schreiber went + pulled a permit on their re-do job and now Dick’s going to have to put out some $400 for permits, a fail-safe etc. It had been a good job. Nowit’s a loss. We went swimming and then came in for dinner. Casey called to say our neighbors across the street, The Ashbys, want a pool. Dick called him (Jerry) + said “this is your unfriendly neighbor” + broke the ice. The guy wants a turbo-clean. Dick said he’d go over in the morning + measure his yard. I’ll try to meet them too. We went to bed early.