Wrote diary, called Annabel who told me I wasn’t expected at the Placement committee. Whee! Felt free as a lark. Took hand prints of Jeffrey to make a Father’s Day card for Armando ([crossed out letters] In Salvador its always on the 17th instead of the third Sunday.) Later went to the Hacienda + played Keno all day – never won and 21 – Didn’t win there either. My watch stopped and I was completely unaware of it. Called home at 5 + Dick was annoyed. When I got back asked me if he should return the pool if I wasn’t going to use it?! Went swimming immediately and had a heavenly time. The water was gorgeous. Dick joined me + he had a good time too. The exercise was great. Ana put Jeffrey in but I think it was too late + a little too cool – he didn’t like it. Tried to call Alice Turner who leaves tomorrow but not in. I called Dr. Reese several times for Dick today but couldn’t get an answer. Dick repossessed the Fenton’s filter this am but then saw him + got everything all straightened out. So that’s good. I didn’t tell Dick I lost today. I want so much to hit a big ticket + give the money to the company. We need it so badly.